Sunday, March 18, 2007

What Would You Buy?

My taste in music ranges from Madonna to Johnny Cash, from Tom Russell to the Pet Shop Boys. I like classical, jazz, rock, folk, pop, country and dance. Showtunes, too. The last album I bought is The Who's first new CD in 24 years, Endless Wire, which includes a mini-opera called Wire & Glass. And it's good, all of it.

I only mention this because I still have a $25 I-tunes gift certificate from Christmas, and I need YOUR help.

What would you buy?

Please note that I already own the entire Sing-A-Long with Mitch Miller catalog, a fact that is not lost on my next-door neighbors, who for some reason keep complaining about me to the police.


Anonymous said...

Your music library seems to be lacking in Traditional Irish Music. May I recommend something from Danu or Altan, that I don't have yet?

Bobby M.

... Joey P. said...

bobby, i love the Irish people, and especially me grand-ma-ma, but I'm not so fond of Irish music or musicians, except for Bono.

... Call me embittered, but you know, I never quite forgave Sinead O'Connor for ripping up that picture of the Pope.

robr said...

I think Jann Arden's Jann Arden CD (an import if you try to buy it from Amazon) is a good album. As is Heather Small Close To A Miracle (also an import only on amazon)

jercwe said...

Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"
Pachabel's Canon
Loreena McKennitt (anything by her)
Justin Timberlake's dance versions of "What Goes Around"

Buddy Cole said...

"Wild, Cool, & Swingin" by Mrs. Miller ( is the perfect way to blow an iTunes gift card since you want to get any music you'll really like on cd. Or vinyl.