Monday, March 26, 2007

How YouTube Is Shaping A New Kind of TV

If you like parodies, you may want to check out the new show on VH1 called Acceptable TV. Each week they have five mini TV show pilots. Viewers vote on their favorites: Two shows get renewed, and three get canceled. You can watch the five mini pilots here.

This week's pilots include a James Bond spoof called Homeless James Bond; a short called Joke Chasers that draws inspiration from those God-awful Ghost-hunting shows that my friend Bobby M and my LUH-ver Wally seem to live for; and a game show called Who Farted? that parodies Deal or No Deal by crossing it with any number of other of the new breed of game shows, such as Identity.

I think my favorite might have been The Teensies, a short inspired by the old cartoon The Littles, about a miniature family that lives with some potheads.

Voting ends today.

With the advent of YouTube and DVR's, the whole economic model of TV is changing, and this show -- which features a built in advertising sponsor -- is a recognition of this fact.