Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jake Has A Killer Wardrobe

In the new movie Zodiak, Jake Gyllenhaal plays the nerdy (but gorgeous) newpaper cartoonist who becomes obsessed with a murder case. The character he plays is awkward socially, but unlike the geeky newspaper people I've run across in my life, he always seems well-dressed, with a timeless wardrobe, whether it's 1979 or 2007. His hair, too, is almost always perfect, so perfect that we could almost see the hair-stylist off camera ready to remedy the slightest suggestion of dishevelment.

It's as if the director is saying to Jake: Yeah, we want you to play geeky, but you need to look and dress in that dreamy and so Jake-like way so your fans (men and women) are not disappointed.

But this really makes no difference: Gyllenhaal pulls it off, despite the physical disconnects, and Zodiak is a really good (and entertaining) film. Watch the set decoration details closely. They're quite good, and sometimes quite funny.

If you see the movie, and I recommend that you do, read this afterward. It's an interview with the guy Jake plays, who probably wishes his hair could even approach that Jake-like level of perfection.


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