Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bush White House Wanted
to Say 'You're Fired' 93 Times

We learned this morning that the Bush administration considered firing all 93 U.S. attorneys.

I wonder what went wrong?
* Did these attorneys chose the wrong color napkin during a "create the perfect bridal reception" elimination challenge?

* Did they sell fewer bottles of gourmet salad dressing than the boys in the sheriff's office during a competition at an area organic food super center?

* Did they underperform in a competition involving creating a line of sexy new swimsuits?
Maybe these 93 men and women deserved to be fired? Without competitive skills in all these areas, especially the ability to create sexy swimsuits and kiss Karl Rove's political ass, they may not deserve these jobs that are so critical to the health and functioning of our beloved democracy.


jercwe said...

I forget. Why did the Clinton administration request the resignation of all of them in 1993?

... Joey P. said...

TCOJ Pet Peeve: The deflection of criticism, by conservatives, of DANGEROUS ideas with ... attacks on Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton isn't the issue. The politicization of the Justice Department in an unprecedented way is. And it's truly scary, to both conservatives and liberals. Our founding fathers would be aghast.

jercwe said...

Deflection of criticism or outing of corrupt government no matter which political party is in office? Also, both parties practice defelction so its an art. Don't you watch CNN?

jercwe Pet Peeve: Word verification systems where the letters are so muddled you have to do it twice to get posted.

... Joey P. said...

jer: we agree on the word verification! let's celebrate with a mug of sudsy liquid!