Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hold The Gravy

The makers of "Special Kitty Select Cuts," a cat food that sounds like it uses better meat than a McDonald's hamburger, are being sued in a wrongful death lawsuit. The Chicago Tribune has a story this morning, as does the Sun-Times.

The pet food recall mentioned in these stories
includes 40 brands of cat food and 51 brands of dog food sold by companies such as Iams, PetCare and Science Diet.

The USDA says that at least 14 animals -- one dog and 13 cats -- have died after eating pet food products made by Menu Foods. The culprit: tainted gravy.

Routine tasting trials led to the recall of the products:

During quarterly taste tests, the company fed its products to 25 cats and 15 dogs, and of those, nine cats died, Sundlof said. The company said four cats and one dog belonging to customers died also, he said.

Sundlof said he fears the number of animals affected is widespread.

The Chicago cat that died, by the way, looked a lot like Morris the Cat.

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