Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wall Street Journal Conservatives
Have Bleeding Hearts For Libby

Now, if only these same conservative editorial and opinion writers could show a similar compassion for:
* Scientists who promote global warming.

* Democrats who promote national health care.

* Anti-war activists who decry that we went to war based on a set of lies and assumptions that are now crumbling like a smashed saltine.



jercwe said...

I'm ready! I have my padding on so when I fall over in shock when you actually post something negative in here about the Dems I'll be well-protected. Oh, that's right, I guess you can't find anything. No corruption by Dems. No dirty politics by liberals. No Dem news in this blog. You've been awfully quiet about the amazing (and justified--he's got my vote) insurgence of Obama, which portends a Hillary-less election in 2008. You need to watch Fox News more and become fair and balanced. Oh, that's right the only way you can report on what Fox News does is get it from MSNBC.

... Joey P. said...

i've written very nice things about the WSJ in the past. It's one of the country's best papers.

a criticism of republicans, or an absense of criticism of democrats, does not translate into "no corruption by dems." it just means that george bush has been destroying this country for seven years, not the democrats.

i didn't like the corruption of jim wright (former democratic speaker of the house) any more than i do what the republicans are doing.

however, what the republicans are doing is unprecedented in this country. "Worse than watergate," as john dean says.

bill clinton faced impeachment for lying about a blow job. remember?

also, i think i made clear that i'm not supporting hillary in prior posts, but that I do think she could be a good president. i'm considering richardson and obama and possibly edwards right now.

jercwe said...

Uh huh.

... Joey P. said...

jer, i took your bait!

it's like shooting fish in a barrel to get a rise out of me.