Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Cup of Joe: Month-End Review

* If we learned nothing in the last month, we learned that February is for lovers. In a very special post from Feb. 15, read about Joe's Valentine's Day Card. WARNING: You may need a Kleenex to wipe the tears, or the vomit. LINK.

* When Abe Lincoln argued with his close friend Joshua Speed about slavery and the protective tariff (you know, what all couples argue about), what were they really arguing about? Read an alternative view of Lincoln from a very special President's Day post exploring the gay side of this melancholy man. LINK.

* You may not know this, but a very special post from Feb. 19 featuring George Bush, Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain was not really about lightning bugs. Or was it? LINK

* With Election 2008 heating up, it may be time to review some very special "ELECTION 2008: AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS" coverage from TCOJ. Coming next: An endorsement. LINK.

* Why are Joe's ultra-Christian friends ignoring his emails nowadays? Find out why in this post that NEVER ONCE mentions Jesus. LINK. (OK, I'm lying, it mentions Jesus four times.)

* I hope you are not homophobic, because a gay guy is trying to get in your pants. Yeah, you! LINK.

* February saw two new entries in Joe's FIVE FAVES series. LINK.

* And the Oscar goes to ... YOU, the dear reader of The Cup of Joe. Review the last month's Oscar and movie coverage, with notes on a scandal, little children, Jennifer Hudson, Ellen, a review of The Departed and more. LINK

* We have a winner of the contest announced on Feb. 1. The movie contest. The porn movie contest. The winner is reader Johnboy, who gives us the winning entry Pan's Labia. Johnboy, you are one sick puppy. And I mean that in the best possible way. LINK


jercwe said...

You must have run out of topics.

... Joey P. said...

It's for archiving purposes, Jer. This is now at the top of the February archives. I have lots of things to write about, but not lots of time to do it.