Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Republican Could Make Democrats Blue

In politics, the taller candidate usually wins. The better looking candidate usually wins. The better spoken candidate usually wins. In presidential contests, the former governor usually beats the senator or former senator.

Democrats should be very, very afraid of Mitt Romney, who looks more presidential than most presidents. After I saw him announce his candidacy a few weeks ago on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, I thought to myself: Isn't this guy already on some U.S. coin?

Think about it: Romney could win his adopted state, Massachusetts, and his home state, Michigan. These are two states that both Kerry and Gore won. It's two states Democrats need to keep.

As Sen. Hillary Clinton starts getting muddy with Sen. Barack Obama, with John Edwards and Al Gore (and the very presidential looking Sen. Chris Dodd) standing in the background, it's time for a reality check: Despite seven years of disaster under a Republican president, the Democratic candidate for president has absolutely no lock on the job come 2008, and Democratic voters need to think long and hard about electability.

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jercwe said...

Good thing we have like 6 years before the next Presidential election. :-)