Sunday, February 25, 2007

These Little Girls Are Winners

Two little girls portrayed in movies set half a world apart -- Albuquerque and Senegal -- could win Oscar gold tonight.

Binta & The Great Idea is a movie about a young girl who tells the story of a man (her father) who hopes to change the world, and a girl (her cousin) who wants to go to school. It's nominated for Best Live Action Short. It'd get my vote.

Over in the Best Picture category, it's certainly possible that Little Miss Sunshine could pull off an upset, and in the Best Supporting Actress category, voters tend to like surprise choices. This puts a win for Abigail Breslin in the realm of possibility, even though Jennifer Hudson already has the mantle space cleared off.

In any case, I'd say it'd be a great idea not to bet against Binta, a ray of sunshine that left me beaming.


You can download the nominated live action and animated shorts here.


MONDAY UPDATE: Binta did not win for Live Action Short, and Little Miss Sunshine won two Oscars: best supporting actor and best original screenplay.

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