Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Plan Is For Fans

Barry Bonds needs 21 more homers to pass up Hank Aaron on the all-time list. Even though he's had a lot of injuries over the last couple years -- playing in only 121 games -- I predict that he will break the record quicker than expected, on July 19 vs. the Chicago Cubs.

With this in mind, here is a potential plan for baseball fans all across America:

1) On Friday, Feb. 23, when individual home game tickets for the Cubs go on sale, buy two tickets for Thursday, July 19.

2) Sometime between now and then, find a vintage Braves jersey with AARON emblazoned across the back.

3) Attend that Cubs-Giants game on July 19. Wear the Aaron jersey. Drink.

4) When Bonds hits the homerun, off a high fastball in the sixth inning, getting his steroid-assisted record, boo with such a ferocity that the people sitting next to you will think you're experiencing a Roid Rage worthy of description in the world's finest medical journals.

1 comment:

Bobby M. said...

To be honest...I would love it if there was absolutely no response. No boos, no cheers, just absolute silence when it happens. Let him round the bases in total silence.