Thursday, February 08, 2007

QUICK! You Have Three Seconds
to Pick the Next President

Respond in the comments. You have three seconds starting NOW.

* Senator Joe Biden of Delaware
* Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
* Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina
* Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska
* Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
* Former Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa
* Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
* Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
* Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
* Retired General Wesley Clark of Arkansas
* Reverend Al Sharpton of New York

* Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
* John H. Cox of Illinois
* Representative Duncan Hunter of California
* Michael Charles Smith of Oregon
* Former Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia
* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York
* Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
* Senator John McCain of Arizona
* Representative Ron Paul of Texas
* Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts
* Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado
* Former Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin
* Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia
* Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska

* Bush tool Ralph Nader



jercwe said...


... Joey P. said...

I will post my choice once I get at least 10 responses, IF i get 10 responses.

I need more than 3 seconds.

Bobby M. said...

I'm you want us to pick who we would like to see as president or who we think will be elected? I'm sure that other inquiring INTJ's would want to know.

... Joey P. said...

oh, bobby. TIME'S UP. You only had three seconds, and no time for questions. You've been disenfranchised.

Say hello to the next president of the United States: JEB BUSH.

Bobby M. said...

At least it will be consistent.

Too much upheaval hurts my brain.

the true Morris said...

Yes, I vote for Jeb Bush. At least we'd know what to expect. Right?

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

Michael Smith