Monday, February 26, 2007

Ellen Hosts the Oscars

I don't agree with this. I agree with this.



Bobby M. said...

Yeah...I sincerely don't know how I feel. I agree that Ellen is "agreeable." But I did expect more from her. She's funnier and more spontaneous that what she showed last night. I was left with a reasonably "bland" aftertaste.

I certainly didn't expect her to dominate the show or "leave her mark." But I did expect some snappy quips and entertaining observations.

My thumb doesn't go up - it doesn't go just stays horizontal.

Certainly not "Whoopi Goldberg bad," but also not "John Stewart good".

The show was slow and bogged down, and Ellen's pacing did not seem to alleviate that. I certainly hope "Missy" doesn't stake me to the wall for being largely unimpressed with "The Ellen."
Sorry Missy...It's just how I feel.

... Joey P. said...

Bobby, you realize that you've just spoken, publicly, a middling word about Ellen, don't you?

Call me if you need somewhere to sleep tonight.

missy said...

I'm responding to bobby m.'s post on The Cup, not really to defend Ellen, but to refute bobby's take on the Oscars.

#1 Ellen said she'd take a more low key approach to put the spotlight on the nominnees. And she did keep her word.

#2 It was a very somber year in movies. Even the big comedy, Little Miss Sunshine, portrayed one messed up family. It has to be a bit daunting to keep the room moving under those circumstances.

#3 Ellen had nothing to do with the show's running time. The pacing was slow because there were a lot of distractions. A salute to foreign films. Clint Eastwood translating a way too long speech from that composer. Too many appearances from those acrobat people. And though I enjoyed it, listening to a choir of sound effects eventually gets old. (Now I know how you felt at my choir concerts)

#4 I think bobby spent lots of time milling around (especially around the Turkish Delight) and perhaps missed just a few minutes here and there to get a real feel of how the show was going.

But the Oscars are a big deal. And it's a big deal for a person to be asked to host. I don't know if Ellen will be asked again. I think she should. (big shock) I guess we could just hire some local weather reader to announce the winners and call it a night after half an hour. Then we wouldn't need a host. Or acrobatic dancers, for that matter.