Monday, February 19, 2007

How Old is Stephen Colbert? Birthday Boy Won't Get Bear Hug Until We Know 4 Sure

Last week on The Colbert Report, we here at The Cup of Joe thought we heard Stephen Colbert mention that he'd be celebrating a birthday next week.

Because I was late in sending Stephen this Valentine's Day card, I wanted to correct the error and send him another card, a birthday card, featuring my favorite little snuggly bears who wear green pants, brown moccasins and pink (or red) beanie caps, two bears who ride magical ponies with purple and pink harnesses through the Forest With the Flowering Trees.

The exact day and month of Stephen's birthday, nine months following his conception without the stain of original sin, is not clear.

Readers, I need some help on this. Did I hear correctly and is Stephen turning 43 this week? Are these other websites wrong?

He teaches Sunday school, is deaf in one ear and is the youngest of 11 children.

But when's his birthday?


Anonymous said...

No, it's not his birthday this week. He said it was his 'prayer day' - the day that Master Media International has designated for it's members to pray for Stephen.

You can read more about it here:

As for his birthday, I thought it was May 13, 1964 but what do I know?


... Joey P. said...

Jennie: You're a sweetheart ... thanks for the reply and the clarification.

I think I was under the influence of cold medication when I "thought" I heard this.