Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Michael and Walt:
What Might Happen on 'Lost'

It's been some time since we've heard from the characters of Michael and his son Walt on Lost. They were last seen getting a free boat ride away from the island courtesy The Others.

Here's a theory I haven't read anywhere: Since the last few shows have hinted at time travel and rapid aging, my guess is that when the child Walt returns that ... he's no longer a child.

Under this scenario, I would also guess that when Michael returns later this season, he returns quite old, and won't live to see the end of season three.

This is a total guess.

And don't forget: It may be 2007, but it's still 2004 on the show.

In any case, the longer they drag this show out, the question becomes: will anybody still be watching to care? Last Wednesday's episode, one of the best of the season, had its lowest ratings of the season.

And for people who watch Lost a little more closely than I do, constantly freeze-framing and posting still frames of evidence on the internet: Please feel free to ridicule this theory.



Anonymous said...

I think this is quite plausible.

jercwe said...

You are a genius since not even the creators of the show have been able to stop the effects of aging, especially in children,

You had an incorrect statement though: I think you meant to say that last week, one of the worst episodes ever...
There's a reason viewers are dropping like flies and its because the show is getting bad.

... Joey P. said...

No, Jer: I thought last week's episode was terrific! I'm a big fan of The Twilight Zone, and this episode of Lost reminded me of something from Rod Serling, since TZ always tried to get an ironic twist at the end of each show.

And by connecting Lost and Twilight Zone, it also made me think of how they might resolve the Walt/Michael storyline. "Rapid aging" would be sooooooooo Twilight Zone.