Saturday, February 10, 2007

Election 2008: Presidential Quick Thoughts

I really need to give this more thought, but here goes:

Hillary Clinton: Could make a great president. Would divide America. America needs uniting.

Christopher Dodd:
Is known as the quickest wit in the Senate. All my friends have quick wits. I don't think my friends should be president.

Joseph Biden: Is exactly the opposite of what I write later about Al Gore.

John Edwards: He's the best looking candidate in the race. The better looking candidate usually wins, which explains why that HOTTIE Chester Arthur (a dapper widower who attracted much interest from the ladies) was on the winning ticket in 1880. Something to consider.

Barack Obama - Bill Richardson, in any order: Wouldn't having on the same ticket a black man of mixed ancestry and a hispanic -- both considered men of competence and ability -- tell something to the world about the greatness of America, at a time when so much of the world hates us?

Generic Republican: The candidate who can convince primary voters that they hate The Gays more than the other candidate -- and appoint judges who will hate The Gays, and pass constitutional amendments to restrict the rights of The Gays -- will win the nomination.

Al Gore: He supported the first War with Iraq. He was against the second War in Iraq. What other potential candidates and candidates got it right both times? What other candidates demonstrated such wisdom?

And wouldn't the world be a better, safer and "cooler" place if five members of the Supreme Court had not elected their fellow party member George Bush in 2000?


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... Joey P. said...

I'm not kidding that Chester Arthur, in his day, and particularly when he was younger, was considered quite the looker. I'm also not kidding when I say that America could really use another president who embraces the mutton-chop.