Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Woof: Beer AND Couture for Dogs

Advertising Age reports that "designers are doing it doggie style" as doggie couture has become a $1 billion market, attracting the likes of Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Juicy Couture and Kiehl's. The pooch at right, for example, is wearing a $45 hoodie, which is about $27 more than the last hoodie I bought on clearance at Old Navy. And that $225 Burberry Trench costs just slightly more than my favorite Navy blue suit (the one I wear at weddings, funerals and job interviews). Read more here.

Another hot product is "Happy Tail Ale," a beer for dogs. At $1.50 a glass, it's not cheap. Preserving a delicate balance between malty and hoppy, I understand this this brew starts bold and finishes clean, all the while striking a haunting suggestion of beef in the mid-palate. This should more than justify its cost, and should cellar beautifully for several seasons.

My friend Bobby the Home Brewer is also working on a beer for dogs. He describes it as "a beautiful ruby red, full bodied pale ale with big malt character, ripe malt in the mouth, big finish with hops, with a delicate light vanilla and caramel complexity that completes the refreshing balance to set off the faintest aroma of other dog's asses."

Learn more at beerfordogs.com.

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