Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TV Fun Times, Almost Spoiled By A Brit

Sunday afternoon, perhaps after drinking a wee bit too much on Saturday night, I spent about 12 hours just watching television. It's all I did, and is probably the most television I've ever watched in a single day.

Among the odd variety of shows I watched, either live or on Tivo: Reno 911 (Comedy Central), The McLaughlin Group (PBS), the last 9 minutes of Meet the Press (NBC), Scrubs (NBC, via Comedy Central), The Presidents (The History Channel), The Sarah Silverman Show (Comedy Central), The Amazing Race (CBS), CBS Sunday Morning (CBS), Ebert and Roeper (Ind.), The Simpsons (Fox) and This Week With George Stephanopoulos (ABC).

In addition, I could also stomach about 30 minutes of the one-hour Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace, before Brit Hume belched something annoying and I had to run to the bathroom in case I suffered from yet another Brit Hume-induced episode of vomiting.

Included in this marathon was about six episodes of Scrubs from season 1, a show I've only watched a few times but have always liked. Below are some videos from season 6. They are must-sees if you like musical theater, songs about poo and "guy love." And they are a delight.

Warning: At some point during these videos, hilarity may ensure.

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