Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smart Casting Move

So they're making a movie version of the old Get Smart TV series, created by Buck Henry and Mel Brooks? I guess there were no original scripts or ideas out there? Sounds terrible, huh?

Think again: Steve Carell is playing Maxwell Smart.


KAOS over CONTROL: Both Brooks and Henry have not exactly been under a cone of silence regarding their exclusion from the creative team for the movie. Attorneys for Brooks and Henry have been busy working the shoe phone with legal threats, which you can read about here.

No word yet about any potential litigation involving Hymie the Robot.



Bobby M. said...

They already did a big screen version in late 70's-early 80's timeframe. I saw it at the was atrocious.

... Joey P. said...

Yes, it was called The Nude Bomb, or something like that. It was a bomb.

jercwe said...

We can only hope it is an improvement over the "The Nude Bomb."