Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coming Soon to Lost on ABC

It's become more and more apparent just where the producers of Lost are heading.

Last week's episode -- with one of the minor characters spotted casually reading A Brief History of Time, and with the "Mittelos" in "Mittelos Bioscience" being the easy anagram for "Lost Time" -- offered several "easter eggs" on this count.

Last night's episode made things a litter more explicit.

What do I think?

I think it's time for Jean Claude Van Damme to join the cast, because now more than ever, the good people of the Lost island could really use a Time Cop to kickbox some ass.

He is welcome to appear shirtless -- provided he takes a time machine back to his 1995 body.



... Joey P. said...

Last night's episode was REALLY good. I'm glad Wally and I made time to watch it, even though it was VALENTIME'S DAY.

Asher said...

I wonder how long they can drag out the "you're gonna die" story line with charlie...

I haven't liked this season until now.

... Joey P. said...

Asher, America agrees with you, which is why the episode from Wednesday was the lowest rated of the season. Which is a shame.

To summarize: Best episode of the season had the lowest ratings.

Producers need to speed things up or take the nearest ferry to Twin Peaks.