Thursday, April 05, 2007

March Gayness Winner Announced Tonight

A new trend is to use "bracketology" not just to figure out the best college basketball team but loads of other things.

For example, CBS Sunday Morning just used brackets to figure out the most annoying love song of all time. Bill Geist came up with the field, which basically consists of the mix-tape from hell -- a great gift for your lover if you ever wanted her or him to break up with you and you felt the need to passive-aggressively "move the process along." ("Feelings" was the big winner, or should I say loser?)

The folks at The Malcontent, over the past couple weeks, have been running March Gayness to figure out the best gay blog from a fabulous field of 64. Several blogs I link to at right made the cut, including JoeMyGod and Towleroad in the Final Four, though I must say that I had never read many of the blogs in the field, since I'm relatively new to blogging (Ritin' N Read' both, though this post is my 552nd after starting TCOJ about 10 months ago).

JoeMyGod is in the Finals with OMG Blog, a blog I had never read before but I'm sure I would like.

I'm rooting for JoeMyGod. Why? He's a really fine writer and observer of culture and has been nice enough to link to me a couple times. But, more importantly, he has a really cool first name.


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