Tuesday, April 24, 2007

But Can Nora Play Rachmaninoff ?

As of this morning, Nora the piano-playing cat had 2,621,993 views on YouTube. This is compared with:

* Hillary Clinton on government reform: 2,238 views.
* Mitt Romney on immigration and health care: 12 views.
* Barack Obama on education: 354 views

I wonder what Nora thinks about global warming? Oil dependency? Avian flu?


jercwe said...

Nora is so much more entertaining than most politicians.

General Tso said...

Joe, I'm so delighted you are reporting on kitties again! You once said that there wasn't room for them or some such foolishness and I stormed away from your website in a huff. But now I've checked back and they've returned!

Hooray for Joe! More kitty stories!!!