Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things We All Can Agree On


Yesterday began a new series on The Cup of Joe: "Things We All Can Agree On."

The series is an attempt to find things in common that all Americans -- Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, black and white, rural and urban -- can agree on as a way to help heal our divided nation as we begin to approach light at the end of the Rove Tunnell.

My first post attempting to "bring America together" involved our common belief as Americans that babies wearing poop-filled diapers should not be able to swim in the pool.

I didn't get a single dissent or negative comment on this post, proving that this issue seems to resonate among Americans.

But today, as I look for Entry 2 in this continuing series, it's a little more difficult.

But not impossible.

I present Entry No. 2 in Things We All Can Agree On: Burger King is the Home of the Whopper.

Fun Fact: This photo was snapped recently at a Burger King in the
Bahamas. Could this be where Anna Nicole enjoyed her last whopper?

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