Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gonorrhea and Big Brother 8: When Exes Attack

Big Brother 8 aired for the first time Thursday night on CBS, and two gay men who had a bitter breakup were reunited, unexpectedly, as "houseguests" for perhaps all summer. Oy.

The one guy, Dustin, called his ex a habitual lyer with nipples the size of pepperonis, while the other guy, Joe, accused his ex on national TV of giving him gonorrhea. Oy.

And by "Oy" I really mean "this is good TV."

To explain this vituperative behavior, what other evil deeds did these two inflict on each other? Did Joe steal Dustin's dance space on the box at Berlin during Madonna night? Was Dustin sneaking around on Joe by singing Sunday showtunes with other men at Sidetrack? I guess we'll find out.

So I have a question for Chicago readers/Big Brother watchers or other people whose name might be Johnboy and who just moved from Chicago: Which of these two is most likely to take bitchiness to Defcon 1?

Here's one blogger's take on it. He's not kind to Joe, and after one episode, I tend to agree.

... I just hope that both Dustin and Joe remember that, more often than not, you are what you hate.


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