Saturday, July 07, 2007

A New Plan For Fans

Before the baseball season began, we here at The Cup of Joe predicted that Barry Bonds would break Hank Aaron's home-run record on July 19 against the Cubs, which at the time was way earlier than conventional wisdom. Now, with Bonds needing only four more homers to tie, we're sticking with this prediction.

However, we are changing our minds on one thing. In an earlier entry, "This Plan Is For Fans," we suggested that Bonds, upon breaking the record, be greeted with a chorus of boos worthy of the worst cases of Roid Rage, and that he be hissed at in sort of the same way Glenn Close was at the end of Dangerous Liasions.

But now that he's closer to the record, we've changed our thinking. Let him break the record. Give him credit. Not cheers, necessarily, but credit. Stop the game for a minute. Or two. Let him wave and acknowledge the crowd.

And then restart the game, quickly, and get back to business.


Anonymous said...

Impressive! I'm not sure anyone, straight or gay, could have drawn such a parallel between Barry Bonds and Dangerous Liaisons. Or would have tried.

If my wish for a career-ending injury to Bonds doesn't come through, I'm with you on the idea of respecting the feat. In fact, I hope it's this weekend in St. Louis, whose fans are known for recognizing the achievements of the visiting teams as well. And the way they're pitching, it could happen.

Bobby M said...

I still say that totally ignoring the fact. Silence so quiet you can hear a pin drop. No acknowledgement would be a stronger protest than any chorus of boos.

As George Bernard Shaw once wrote,
"Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn."

But I'm still hoping for the leg break...hopefully his thigh.