Monday, July 16, 2007

Will Country Turn to the Left?

For 20 out of the last 26+ years, this country has had a president who is left-handed: Ronald Reagan (1981-89), George Bush (1989-1993), Bill Clinton (1993-2001). The one president since 1981 who was not naturally left-handed has been George W. Bush, the worst disaster in U.S. presidential history.

Maybe it's time for another left-handed president to lead the country?

I guess I should also point out that Barack Obama is left-handed.

2009-2017? Anybody?


JR said...

How about the Cup of Joe?

Bobby M. said...

There is a flaw in your argument. Despite all the praise that some lavish on him, I think that a strong argument could be made for the Reagan presidency being a disaster, despite the left-handed quality.

Unemployment, sky high interest rates, inflation, high crime, scads of homeless, and an extremely short-sighted policy for the Mideast (Including the sincerely sinister Iran-Contra scandal) that resulted in much of the instability that we now see in the region...that's what I recall.

I also recall the end to civil-minded politics and a callous disregard for our fellow human beings when tens of thousands of truly suffering people were denied government funded mental care and turned out onto the streets to languish. I recall venom spewed about 'welfare queens' duping us out of our hard earned tax money as justification to cut desperately needed assistance to people that just needed some help. I remember the Reagan years as the begining of the resurgance of meanness and intolerance. And I remember that the answer to all of America's problems was goverment funded cheese.

Joey P. said...

I wasn't fond of Reagan, but compared to Bush, Reagan looks like Jefferson or Lincoln.

George Will, after Reagan left office, said Reagan would be at the "front rank of the second rank of American presidents," or something like that. Quite objectively, I think that there's a good chance that that is how he'll be viewed 25 years from now by the majority of historians.

jercwe said...

Dare I say the Carter years may be right up there with Bush II or did he just turn acko recently?

missie said...

I agree with jr. I envision a write-in candidate.