Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Days For Fall TV

COMING THIS FALL: the great Norman Lear is producing a one-hour TV show for NBC, and the great Jerry Seinfeld is returning to a network TV comedy show.

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And in what sounds like a truly awful idea, the tired (and previously canceled) reality show The Apprentice (which became a parody of itself with all its product placement plugs happily shilled by annoyingly obsequious contestants who couldn't opine enough glowing comments about "Mr. Trump," who is, by the way, "amazing") will be returning with ... a celebrity cast?

I need your help in the comments. I'm accepting nominations for washed up celebrity contestants to appear with Donald Trump on the celebrity version of The Apprentice. Let me start by throwing out VIKI the robot from Small Wonder and Potsie from Happy Days.

Potsie and Viki, you're hired!


JR said...

Unfortunately Lear is returning to a network that has the least likable shows of all the networks. And wonder how they'll screw his show up with the NBC input.

Bobby M. said...

My list includes the always loveable Larry Storch (F-Troop), George Lindsey (Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD), Joyce Dewitt (Three's Company, and Allan Thicke (from whatever crap show he was on).