Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kail and Paula Want Help From God

Tonight, on Big Brother 8, we'll find out whether Kail will be evicted from the house. Who is Kail? She is the Christian contestant who is lying about her wealth and hiding the fact that she owns several businesses. She also has expressed horror, on national TV, at the thought of having a gay or lesbian son or daughter.

On Tuesday night, Kail told America via the confessional that whether she gets evicted tonight is NOT in the hands of Dick, the guy who nominated her for eviction. Rather, she told the camera, it's in the hands of God.

So let me get this straight: God has done nothing to stop the War in Iraq or any of the horrible ethnic and religous conflicts that permeate the globe, but She or He does definitely have a plan in store for whether Kail gets evicted?


Amber from Big Brother 8 also has expressed similar reliance on God, and she thinks God is profoundly concerned with whether she gets evicted from the house.



Also this week, we here at The Cup of Joe watched Hey Paula on Bravo for the first time.

Let's put Paula's life in perspective. She is stinking rich and lives a life of luxury, with personal assistants for wardrobe, scheduling, hair, etc, but feels the need to break out in tears seemingly every 15 minutes or so, because of how overworked she is. Or how people mistreat her. Take note that while she is having a breakdown, her assistants don't seem to react much. They must be used to it.

On the last episode I watched, Paula described "the most hideous experience for me to could go through." It didn't involve starvation, war, terrorism, or cancer.

"I wonder, where's God when you need him (voice cracking) ... because this just does not any sense," she told the camera.

So what was this horrifying thing that happened to her? You can watch the video below and find out. It's not about losing a limb, contracting the flesh-eating bacteria, or death by slow torture, all of which are "hideous experiences."

More background here. Other sources frame Paula's hideous/horrifying experience in a much different light.


Kail was not evicted from the Big Brother House last night. Instead, Mike "the painting contractor who's really a model" was evicted.

God must be answering Kail's prayers, which is why I wish that she'll start praying for an end to the War in Iraq and a cure for cancer.


t m said...

I've never seen Big Brother 8, so all I know about it is what I read [religiously] in The Cup of Joe. But is it possible that this Kail is not, as you describe, "the Christian contestant who is lying about her wealth"? She sounds more like a wealthy contestant who is lying about being Christian.

As an aside, my own belief is that the Almighty does care who gets voted off-- in my experience, the God is just that good-- although Kail's survival isn't necessarily proof of that. But the Paula story-- does anyone need clearer proof that God hears our prayers?

I'm just kidding with you, Paula! Straight up now...

jercwe said...

Glad to see one person is watching...what show is that again you watch?