Saturday, July 21, 2007

President Dick Cheney: What's On His To-Do List?

He'll be the man "officially" in charge for three hours or so this morning, while President Bush gets his colonoscopy, thanks to section 3 of the 25th amendment.

First on the agenda, I think Cheney should issue an executive order legalizing the right for his lesbian daughter to marry.

Do it for your new granddaughter, OK Dick?

Next up, he can take the first steps to remove U.S. troops from the Iraq disaster.

Do it for your country, OK Dick?
(IT'S YOUR TURN: Please fill in the blanks in the comments!)

After that, he can _________________________.

Do it for your _________________, OK Dick?

1 comment:

Bobby M said...

He can mediate a resolution to the ongoing Trump/O'Donnel conflict.

Do it for the ratings, Dick.