Monday, July 02, 2007

My Five Favorite Characters From The Simpsons

I hate having to pick, but here goes:

1. Chief Wiggum.

2. Ralph Wiggum.

3. Moe the bartender.

4. Homer.

5. Any character that begins with the word Sideshow.

Now, YOU can create your own Simpsons character here.


UBE said...


Do you even watch The Simpsons? There is no "s" in "Wiggum" unless you are speaking of more than one Wiggum. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

See for proof.


Bobby M said...

Hey "Level Two"...get the spelling correct before you post!

I love them all, but some underated character are:

1. Grandpa "Abe" Simpson
2. Ned Flanders
3. Groundskeeper Willie
4. Mr. Burnes
5. Any character with "Selma" or "Patty" in their name.

These are sometimes seen as one dimensional props, but have actually evolved into some fairly complex characters over the years..yet all still remain true to their cartoonish sterotype. i imagine that could be difficult to do over 17 some odd years.

Joey P. said...

UBE: I wrote this so quickly this morning, but I did realize the mistake while driving into work. It has been corrected!

So the answer is, yes, I watch!

peaches said...

Hey Level 5-
My Dad - as far as I know - is not a Simpson's character.

I do, however, love me some Ralphie!

Bobby M said...

Peaches...forgive my spelling error. I am often distracted by thoughts of wonderful people while writing... much like I would imagine TCOJ was thinking about the fabulously talented, Leslie Uggums when writing about the Wiggums.

Forgive my mistake.

missie said...

"Mine tastes like burning..."

"Miss Hoover, which one is oral?"

"In your mouth, Ralph."

'nuff said

peaches said...

Level 5-
No harm done. In fact, it has amused me greatly to think of my father as a Simpson's character. Also, in picking up 7-11 treats for the kiddies on the 4th, the Slurpies are all now Squishy's.

To Missie:
Burn 'em, burn 'em all Ralphie.