Friday, July 06, 2007

Mini Movie Review: Malade

... At least that's what they're calling it in Quebec, where the photo at right was snapped on rue Sainte-Catherine.

Here in 'Merica, they're calling it "Sicko." And we here at The Cup of Joe are calling it outstanding.

At TCOJ we happen to know a lot about the health care system in this country, so we don't agree with everything in the movie. However, don't let some of the critics of this movie throw up irrelevant smokescreens or (surprise) scare tactics or fear-mongering as a way of diverting attention from the real issues. In the big picture, Moore is absolutely right.

This is probably Michael Moore's best movie in quite a while, and a movie with perhaps the greatest possibility of truly making a political difference by influencing people.

There were two 18-year-old girls sitting next to Wally and me at the movie, and they clapped at the end. Ah, youth: They are our future. And, had they been old enough to vote in the last election, I can't imagine them voting Republican, and especially not for Bush.

The tide is turning in 'Merica, at least on the legislative and (soon) executive side. We are, however, stuck with the Bush Supreme Court for the next two decades.(Feel free to pop an anti-depressant now, if you have prescription drug coverage.)

Speaking of fear-mongering:

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